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about me


Aloha~! ✨ I am a second-generation Japanese-American, I was born & grew up in California​, lived in Japan during college and moved to beauty-full Hawai’i in 2014. I actually moved to Hawai’i on a leap of faith move and from the moment I got off the plane, it felt more like “home” than anywhere else. 


Growing up, I had tropical fishes, hermit crabs, numerous finches, a dwarf rabbit, two little parrots, a cute brown rat, and a couple of “family" dogs (one at a time), but Joseph was my first “My" dog, my soul-mate teacher.  I was a plant-lover from an early age, as well. I have ALWAYS loved animals & nature since I was a child, I was simply fascinated by living beings.  I was fortunate to have gone to a unique high school, taking fun classes such as “Ornithology”, "Marine Biology" and having the opportunity to volunteer at the San Francisco Zoo taking care of injured birds of prey. It was an amazing experience handling, feeding, and exercising the small raptors - the American Kestrel & Screech Owl to the larger birds - the Great Horned Owl, Red-Tailed Hawk, Turkey Vulture and more. I also volunteered at Randall Museum where they had live animal exhibits and I learned about insects, arachnids, amphibians, reptiles,  and one of the highlights was to hold a boa constrictor! 


My high school encouraged all the students to have an awareness of helping other beings and our planet. In the fall, the whole school went on our yearly All-School Trip where we camped for a few days and did volunteer forest work at different state parks each year. (When I was a sophomore, the senior class was the last of the “hippies”… my school was literally on the same city block as Haight-Ashbury.  ✌️😁✨).


After college, I wanted to do something animal-related, but was discouraged by my parents and influenced by friends moving onto corporate jobs.  Somehow, I felt I had to follow the crowd, even though I did not want to.  Joseph came into my life after almost 9 years in the corporate world and he led me to eventually pursue my dream which was to work/play with animals everyday.  


Fast forward to today, after spending almost half of my life not following my heart, I decided to do only what brings joy to my heart and that is to work with animals as an Animal Intuitive. I offer Animal / Interspecies Communication, Energy Healing for animals & humans and Life Guidance for those seeking Happiness & Freedom. I absolutely love helping to strengthen the bonds between the animals and their humans by expanding their awareness that we are all connected throughout the universe. 

What I discovered by being in the company of animals and in nature was that I could just be my free-spirited, oddball self.  I have learned that every animal has a message (and some have a great sense of humor, too! 😆) and lesson for the human with whom they have a connection, either in a relationship or even in passing.  I communicate to the humans the wise, loving and at times, humorous messages of the animals to help them evolve to become the best versions of themselves.


I believe the reason for me being here at this time as an Interspecies Communicator, Energy Healing Practitioner & Life Guide is to help raise the Consciousness of our planet for the highest good for all. It is my desire to empower humans, to show them how to open up to the beauty of communicating with all of life, and to be in harmony with each other. I envision all the beings on this planet to thrive and be at peace. 




(photo below: joseph, age 17, shortly before we moved to Hawai'i from San Francisco; he crossed over at 19+ years old, but he is definitely with me everyday... I know because I get daily signs from him...) 

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