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30-min Animal Energy® for Your Animal

Clearing & balancing well-being issues for your Beloved Animal~

  • 30 分
  • 62 US dollars
  • You will receive a follow-up call w/i 48-hrs after session


In this 30-minute session, your animal will receive distant energy healing (may also include Reiki/Japanese energy healing) where Kaoru will use her intuition to clear & balance any well-being issues that your animal may have that may be causing discomfort. More often than not, the humans have noticed an overall calming effect on their animal(s) during and/or after the session and also, their animal(s) becoming more happy and more playful after the session. Energy healing sessions occur remotely, not in-person, which does not cause unnecessary stress to the animal since s/he is comfortable in her/his home.


+ 1(442)222-1733


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