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animal / interspecies communication

  • Ever wonder what your beloved animal is thinking & feeling?

  • You know that every animal that comes into your life or crosses your path has a message or a lesson they are teaching you?

  • Wonder why your animal is doing that behavior that makes you laugh or you find puzzling or drives you crazy? 

  • Is your beloved animal at the end of her or his life and you have questions you would like to ask about or ask directly to her or him?

  • Do you miss your beloved animal who has crossed over and would like to connect with her or him?

If you would like to know the answers to any or all of these questions and more, you will discover them in an Animal/Interspecies Communication reading with Kaoru. She communicates with your animal for you to learn the lesson your animal is teaching you! If you want to become a better version of yourself, let your beloved companion help you. Your animal knows you better than anyone else.


Oftentimes, health and/or behavioral issues are connected to the lesson your animal wishes to teach you. During a reading with Kaoru, animals share the reasons they, for example, pee outside the litter box, bark at inappropriate times or buck their riders.  Kaoru can also channel healing energy to companions who are alive, ready to join spirit or already in spirit.  Well-being issues and grieving issues ease. When she connects humans to their animals who have crossed over, humans often feel relief and comfort knowing that their beloved animal is helping them even in spirit. They realize their relationship continues after their animal's physical departure. You and your animal will experience some form of healing through an Animal Communication reading and/or an energy healing session with Kaoru. It is her life's mission to help bring harmony to this beautiful planet by connecting animals and humans.✨

To book a reading click on "services" or here.

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