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Aloha & Welcome to My Magical World~!

Today is Cinco de Mayo 2019 and I am writing my first blog post! It's more like I'm testing this since having a blog on my website is something new to me. I am currently working on my new website so that I can launch it on May 23, 2019. Why that date? First of all, it's one of my besties' birthday~ <3 Secondly, I wanted to launch it this month and wanted to choose a day of "Happy-ness" & "Celebration"!

I am super-excited for my new site to publish! I am also super-excited to connect humans to the amazing, magical world of working & playing with the animals & other nature beings, as well as, connecting humans to each other~! Not everyone knows this yet, but we truly are ALL ONE in this AB-FAB Universe!

To be continued... <3

rainbow on a wall at a parking garage
magical rainbows at unexpected places

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