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Change is Good... Growth is Even Better...

Where to begin... Since my last post, I have been going through a period of growth... I have noticed things in my life shifting... For the past couple of months, I have been learning about a very unique type of coaching taught by one of my animal communication teachers.. While learning how to coach someone using her technique, we are also going through the process of being coached, as well... Even though I have completed two other coaching programs in the past, specifically, Law of Attraction coaching, this particular style of coaching is a doozy... doozy in a way where this coaching for me, as well as, for my fellow classmates, is causing us to experience big shifts within ourselves. We are changing, but better yet, we are growing.✨🌱✨

Since July 2011, my world as I knew it began to change when I was introduced to the then-new-to-me concept of the Law of Attraction which then lead me down the path of metaphysics, spirituality, reiki, animal communication, animal energy healing and most recently Soul Level Animal Communication®. Although I am spiritual, I have never been religious... In fact, as a child, when I learned my parents were going to switch me & my younger brother from public schools to private schools, I recall as a 3rd grader telling my mother "I don't want to go to a religious school!!"... In the last couple of years, I thought back to that and wondered "where did I, as an 8-year old come up with that?"... As a child, anything religious coming my way sent me running in the opposite direction. I ended up at a non-religious all-girls private school and my younger brother, who didn't know or didn't know to express that, ended up going to a private Catholic school.

Looking back at my life, I see how I have grown... not just as an adult, but in non-visible ways, internally. I thought since 2011 until a couple of months ago, I gradually grew into a better version of myself where I didn't feel any huge, noticeable, uncomfortable shifts. However, since this course began, I really felt noticeable, "out of my comfort zone" energetic shifts within where I have been feeling "I don't know what's happening, but I'm feeling like I don't even know how to verbally express this feeling, yet I have a knowing within that this process is leading me to an even better place for me & my soul"... It's a feeling like my mind & my soul are being stretched and is growing more, yet the rest of me, including my logical mind, is trying to catch up and trying to understand what's happening. I feel like myself as a 4th grader coming from pubic school, again... Private school for me as a child was definitely more challenging.

As this coaching course is coming to an end soon, I am confident we will all get through the tunnel to the other side where a new horizon awaits us for our next stage of life post-this style of coaching. It's rather funny for me... I wanted to experience something life-changing, yet didn't know this course would be it until after it had started. Something within me drew me to sign up for it even though I wasn't really sure what I would be getting out of it, let alone imagine that I would be one of the guinea pigs 😄... Speaking of animals, it was through the animals that my teacher learned how to lead her clients using this unique, yet effective way of coaching to help them change their negative beliefs to positive ones. This lead to her clients breaking lifelong patterns such as "why I keep getting into unhealthy relationships", "why I keep ending up in unsatisfying jobs where I'm not compensated fairly", "why nothing seems to go right for me", etc...

Once this course is over, I will introduce it in more details. For now, I am definitely feeling the change within me, and at the same time, knowing within my soul that this growth is for my highest & greatest good for myself. This, in turn, means it will be good for others, too, since I feel it is my divine mission to help elevate the consciousness of our planet. The best teachers are the animals, though... I am hoping that one day all humans will regard animals as equal, not lesser, beings... In my opinion, they are higher beings and deserve our respect. They know how to live in harmony within nature... Human beings have yet to do that and can learn so much from the animals... If only they would become aware and "listen" to the animals & nature. Then, there would be more peace & harmony on earth~✨💜🙏✨.

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