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I did it~! I'm putting myself out there~

I launched my new web content last night... Whew~ It was a bit of a big deal for me... Even though I had a website for a while, I have been (still am) working on this to make it look and be what feels more like me, my true self... With the previous version of the website, I felt I could "hide" more... but, I know I am meant to "come out" to do this work to help humans & animals and ultimately contribute to making this planet better than it is now. I want to do my part in taking care of this beauty-full Earth.

I spent most of my adult life doing what I wasn't wanting to do... I recently quit a job that was something stable for me, yet in my heart, I wasn't growing... growing into my authentic self... I have to admit it was shaking my nerves to let it go, but my soul was crying out for me to "JUST DO IT!"... It felt like standing at the edge of a cliff... and I am afraid of heights! I literally have to lie down to look over any cliff of any kind, no matter how beautiful it is... Once I gave my 2-weeks notice, a HUGE feeling of relief came over me and I knew I had made the right decision.

My a m a z i n g Reiki Shihan (Master) & Shaman teacher, the beauty-full Anna Dorian (www.vibrantreiki.com) opened me up to the world I had never know before, yet I knew in my heart & soul, from the moment our Reiki I class started that I had found "my tribe". Anna was the portal to my life opening up to the true beauty of Life on Earth. It was as if I started to remember what I was meant to do for this planet and her inhabitants.

I am very excited to see how my life unfolds as I help others see what their animals are teaching them... to become the best that they can be, not only for their animals, but more importantly, for themselves, other human beings and Nature, as well. We really are not separate from one another, as I have heard it many times from various sources... We truly are ALL ONE. It is my hope that human beings will rise up and one day treat everyone and everything with respect, care, kindness and compassion. <3

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** Disclaimer:  Animal / Interspecies Communication, 

Animal Energy® Energy Healing and Reiki Do NOT Replace Proper Veterinary/Medical Care,

Behavioral Training for Animals, and a Healthy Balance Between Proper Nutrition and Exercise. **


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