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"Practice Makes Perfect" as the saying goes...

Here I am "practicing" and getting into the groove of blogging... something I would love to become good at, like how practicing helped me get to where I am today in Animal Communication. When I started on my journey as a budding Soul Level Animal Communicator®, I had my doubts just like my fellow classmates... 😄 From where we started to where we are now, I am proud of all of us. Here is an interesting perspective one of my classmates opened our eyes to:

"the collective impact and energy we all have put out into the world. Fifteen kind, compassionate, brave, energetic and intuitive women!! Fifteen new intuitive businesses, websites, Facebook pages!! 60+ testimonials to Animal Communication!! And . . . wait for it . . . 300+ Soul Level Animal Communication Readings out in the world spreading knowledge and love."

None of us saw what we were doing in this way... I know we were all impressed by this fact. I keep hearing amazing stories from my classmates of their experiences as professional Soul Level Animal Communicators®. We all ab-LOVE what we do and the beauty-full thing is, we are part of a group who feel no competition among us and it is a soul-nourishing thing to be among supportive human beings. This is how the world ought to be! Humans helping each other and raising each other up at every chance there is. I am truly grateful to be part of this special tribe of intuitive, compassionate, heart-centered women.

Continuing on my "blog practice"... I'm including the following blurb below so that it is "saved" somewhere... I wasn't sure where to put it on my website for now... 🙃😄


As a Soul Level Animal Communicator® and Energy Healing Practitioner, I am excited to be the bridge between your beloved animal (whether alive or in spirit) and you to relay what s/he wants you to know and what Soul Lesson s/he is teaching you to help you grow! You will feel your bond to your animal grow stronger during & after a Soul Level Animal Communication® reading. Moreover, if it is a reading with your animal who has crossed over, you will learn your connection to your animal does not end with her/his physical departure!

You and your beloved animal will experience comfort, relief and/or healing (and at times, laughter because some animals have an endearing sense of humor!) through an animal communication reading with me. It would be an honor & pleasure to work with you & your beloved animal companion. You will notice a shift in awareness of your everyday life after a Soul Level Animal Communication® reading &/or Energy Healing session. I look forward to being of service! ✨"

I am still a work in progress... As we all are~ 💜

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